Penn Man Killed in Snowmobile Crash in Killington

A Pennsylvania man died after crashing a snowmobile in Killington on Feb. 22.

John McConomy, 64, of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, was riding a rented 2014 Polaris Indy LXT snowmobile about 2 p.m. on the Juggernaut snowmobile trail in Killington near West Glade Road in Killlington, according to a news release issued by the Vermont State Police.

According to the police report, the investigation showed that McConomy had rented the snowmobile from Killington Snowmobile Tours and was on a guided ride with his wife, Judith McConomy, according to police.

While turning around, John McConomy accelerated too fast and lost control. The snowmobile hit a tree stump and both John and Judith McConomy were ejected from the snow machine, according to the police report.

Judith McConomy suffered non-life threatening injuries. John McConomy was transported by ambulance to Rutland Regional Medical Center. In transport, his condition worsened and he was sent to the operating room where he later died due to his injuries, the report said.


The investigation into the crash is ongoing, according to police.

Out & About: Fur Flying in Coyote Debate


Fur Flying in Coyote Hunting Debate

Coyotes are again finding themselves caught in the middle of a management dilemma and the fur is flying as the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is left to referee the fight.

On one side of the debate is the “kill ’em all” crowd that believes the only good coyote is a dead coyote. These folks are generally the ones behind the contests that promote a whack ‘em and stack ‘em mentality, but honestly believe that killing coyotes is beneficial to deer and other species.

The opposite side, however, is the Bambi crowd, promoting the coyote as little more than cute and fuzzy critters. The extreme members of this group don’t want any coyotes killed, but tend to focus their arguments on the lack of limits, management and studies.

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Hiker Dies in 1,000-Foot Ice Slide on Mt. Katahdin

A man fell to his death on Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park on Feb. 18.

Multiple media reports said John H. Stetson, 68, of Holden, Maine, fell more than 1,000 feet down icy slopes.

Stetson was part of a group camping in the park. Stetson and another hiker were attempting a summit of Mount Katahdin on the Abol Trail, according to Park Director Jenson Bissell.

Stetson lost his footing and fell, sliding more than 1,000 feet before coming to rest.

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NY Woman Airlifted After Snowmobile Crash in VT

A woman from New York state was airlifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center after the snowmobile she was riding crashed into a tree, according to Vermont State Police.

Police said Kerri L. Meagher, 37, of Patchogue, New York, was riding a 2008 Yamaha snowmobile at 1:21 p.m. Feb. 18 on Shunpike Road in Mount Holly.

Meagher's snowmobile hit a tree while she was riding on private property. Police said she was not wearing a helmet and suffered lacerations and abrasions to her head.

Police, Mount Holly Volunteer Rescue, Ludlow Rescue and the Mount Holly Fire Department responded to the scene and the DHART helicopter was called due to her injuries.


Anglers Land Two New Fishing Records in 2016

 The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has announced that two fish caught in 2016 are new state records. Drum

In a news release, the department said the new records were a freshwater drum and a bluegill, and both were certified as new state records.

The bluegill was caught out of Miller Pond in West Fairlee in August by John Konya of Bradford. The fish weighed 1.98 pounds and measured 12.24 inches in length and had a girth of 12.5 inches. The old record was 1.93 pounds and came out of Lake Champlain.

The freshwater drum was caught by Joseph Whalen Jr., in Lake Champlain in September. The fish weighed 25.54 pounds and was 34.5 inches long and a girth of 26.5 inches.

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Cougars Confirmed in Tenn. as Range Expands


The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency has confirmed the presence of mountain lions in the state, an acknowledgement many Tennesseans have been waiting to hear.

Like many states in the eastern United States, residents of Tennessee have been claiming there were cougars for years. A TWRA spokesman said the agency had simply been waiting for conclusive proof. Now the state has nine confirmed sightings.

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Police Recover 2nd Body, Identify Both Victims

A dive team recovered the body of a second man from Lake Champlain on Feb. 16. VSP

Police also identified the man, as well as another body that had been recovered Feb. 15, as the Vermont men who had been missing for a week after their snowmobiles went through the ice Feb. 9.

Police identified the two men as Brandon Barrett, 23, of Benson, Vermont, and Jonathan Ryan, 32, of Shoreham, Vermont. 

A joint search effort had been underway for the past week by Vermont State Police and New York State Police.

Body Found in Search for Missing Snow Riders

Vermont State Police announced they have recovered a body from Lake Champlain in the area they were searching for two missing Vermont men. Vsp_seal

The body of a male was recovered Feb. 15 in water between Orwell, Vermont, and Putnam Stateion, New York. The search will resume Feb. 16 in an attempt to locate the second person believed to have drowned.

Police have not identified the body, which was sent to the New York State Medical Examiner in Albany for positive identification.

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Out & About: Stay Safe on the Ice

This Column was first published in Sam's Good News on Feb. 15


By Darren Marcy

Stay Safe on the Ice

Ice fishing is in full swing with anglers plying the hard water throughout the state, but the ice has not all been safe so far this winter.

A man lost his life on Lake Willoughby in January after breaking through ice that was reported to only be 1½ inches thick. Others have gone through the ice but were rescued or were able to get themselves out. Several vehicles have gone through the ice as well.

No fish is worth taking a risk on iffy ice.

A safe ice angler knows how to stay off bad ice, and how to survive an unexpected plunge.

James Vladyka runs Fish Hounds Outdoors in Benson. Not only does he guide clients on the ice, he fished most days he’s not guiding.

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