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Trump's Budget: No Good News for the Outdoors

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has taken a look at President Trump's budget and analyzed it for its impact on the outdoors. The picture isn't pretty.


According to the article, the impact "includes a proposed 12-percent decrease to the Department of the Interior budget, which is likely to slash resources needed to manage public and private lands, support state management of fish and wildlife, and enact conservation across the country. This would have devastating impacts on the ground for natural resources, historic sites, and the rural American communities that thrive off outdoor recreation and tourism spending."

Slash resources for:

Public Lands

State Fish and Wildlife


This isn't going to be good. I would say you can expect to pay more for your hunting and fishing licenses in the coming years because game management agencies will have to make up the difference somewhere.

“Gutting the programs and agency funding that helps conserve fish and wildlife and our sporting traditions is no way to support the rural and local economies that need outdoor recreation dollars most. Ignoring the real benefits of investing in conservation will erode the foundation of hunting and fishing—public access and quality places to pursue our traditions.”

-- Whit Fosburgh, president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership