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Half of All VAST Trails Cross Farmland in Vermont


VAST and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets announced a little factoid.

Of the 4,700 miles of trails in the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers system, more than 2,400 miles cross Vermont farmland.

That little tidbit was posted on the agency's web page recently and VAST and others have shared in on social media since.

“Without farmers, the VAST trail system as we know it would not exist,” said Matt Tetreault, VAST’s trails administrator. “VAST relies on the generosity of private landowners who allow the trail system to cross their property. We are especially grateful to the farmers who make their land available in wintertime for our club members to enjoy.”

The announcement also said farmland makes up 64 percent of the private land in the trail network, with about 80 percent of VAST trails on private land.