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A columnist in the Bangor Daily News wrote about the connection between children being introduced to nature and their willingness to work to conserve it later in life. Anybody who was introduced to the outdoors in their youth can attest to the power it carries into adulthood. Like many of you, I came by my love of the outdoors from my youth, where I was taken hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and more.

The column references a study, of which I plan to explore in more detail in a column down the road. But one quote that the author pulled out, is informative.

"Childhood participation in ‘wild’ nature, such as hiking or playing in the woods, camping, and hunting or fishing … is positively associated with environmental behaviors in adulthood." -- Psychologist Nancy Wells and research associate Kristi Leckies, Cornell University.

I hope you are taking your kids into the outdoors. It matters.

I can guarantee you'll be reading more about this in my column in the future.

Read the column in the Bangor Daily News here.



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