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Currier Named Warden of the Year

Congratulations to 2015 Warden of the Year, Robert Currier. Warden Currier was nominated by his lieutenant and a group of his peers selected him out of the 4 nominees for the award.

Warden Currier was hired in 2012 and has been in the Burlington district since completing his training. Warden Currier has family ties here in Vermont but grew up near Trenton New Jersey.

Warden Currier is best known for his strong work ethic, willingness to help others when needed, and for responding to any call no matter what time of day or night. Some of these cases included illegal deer being imported Into Vermont and reported here as trophy deer' running after a vehicle after it clipped another warden while they were operating a deer decoy and obtaining the license plate info during extreme stress that later lead to the arrest and conviction of the poachers that shot the deer decoy.

Warden Currier had a tremendous amount of spectacular cases this year and responded to a record amount of complaints in, and around, his district.

Warden Currier has a great relationship with other emergency services in his area and routinely works with other law enforcement agencies. Warden Currier has continuously engaged in public speaking events and provided ride-a-longs to individuals that are interested in his career choice.

Warden Currier is a member of our honor guard team. He is also one of the divisions Non lethal use of force instructors. He convinced management to send him and other instructors to some advanced training and then came back to the warden force and taught the rest of us new techniques for disarming an individual.

Congratulations Warden Currier! Job well done.